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Our Pharmacy

We are not just a pharmacy, we are a family

Our fantastic team of pharmacist can provide an array of services and​

cater their services specifically around each patients needs.

  • compounding and mixing

  • medication placed in pill organizers (containers for storing scheduled doses) at no extra cost

  • medication placed in blister packs (sealed, push-through packaging used to separate doses) at no extra cost

  • disease management and counseling

  • free delivery for prescriptions

  • free seasonal flu vaccines

  • certified diabetes educator (CDE) available for consultations

  • basic home health care supplies

MedsCheck - Appointments to review complex prescriptions with a pharmacist

Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program - Help to quit smoking, available for Ontario Drug Benefit recipients

Medications Return Program - Safe disposal of expired or unused medications, creams, and inhalers

Sharps Collection Program - Safe disposal of syringes, pen needles, lancets, insulin pump infusion supplies, and test strips

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